"Kamyshin Textile" opened in Volgograd modern shopping center
— December 20, 2016

Our company - the present leader of the city's industry in terms of volume and rate of investment. Today is processed in a month more than 1000 tons of cotton, produce 950 tons of yarn, 2, 5 million meters of fabric.

Successfully developing company its proprietary trading network. Open shops "Kamyshin Textile» Kamyshin, Vozhskaya, Mikhailovka. And now ready to meet customers three-storey shopping center in Volgograd under the same brand in the street Kozlovsky 55.

I would like to brand "Kamyshin Textile" became recognizable all over the country. We are doing today is a very high quality fabric, coloring it in the best finishing CIS enterprise and its products are proud of. The store offers a full range of textiles - but our bed linen and fabrics, terry products, pillows and mattresses. Almost everything - domestic production. President puts today the task of import substitution, we execute it. Our textiles is not worse than the Turkish and Chinese, while it is many times cheaper.