"Kamyshin Textile" is ready to process cotton Volgograd

— September 14, 2016

As long as the company delivered only 3.5 tonnes, which are grown in the fields of training, Volgograd State Agricultural University Research and Production Center "Mountain Glade." Currently, the cotton planted area about 110 hectares of fields, 35 acres of them - university specialists and the rest - farmers Svetloyarsky, Surovikinskogo, Pallasovsky and Kalachevsky areas. Yields of cotton this year is about 20 quintals per hectare.

For our factory is a drop in the bucket according to the Deputy Director General of LLC "Kamyshin Textile" Andrei Shein. - In a month we process thousands of tons of cotton, constantly boosting volumes. So it would be ready to buy up to 15 thousand tons.

Andrey Yurevich said that Volgograd cotton costs the company up to 30% cheaper than the same Uzbek, excluded because the cost of transportation, customs clearance, and no dependence on the dollar. However, cotton Volgograd, in his words, the parameters do not perfectly meet all the condition, it is slightly unripe. Although in general it was found out that the quality of his quite decent in laboratory tests. In the future, will be zoned earlier grades. So, I think that the cooperation with the Volgograd State Agrarian University will be continued.