The new store of "Kamyshinsky Textile" LLC on Bazarov Street, 113.

— May 24, 2018

"Kamyshinsky Textiles" opened for shoppers in their home city the doors of the second store

The new store of "Kamyshinsky Textile" LLC on Bazarov Street, 113. Today, on May 24, in the fifth microdistrict of the city Kamyshinsky Textile opened the doors of the brand store.

This is the second store in Kamyshin where Kamyshans and guests of the city are offered a wide range of products manufactured at the enterprise. His first store, Kamyshinsky Textiles, was opened on Nekrasov Street in 2015. Even then, residents of the northern part of the city appreciated the quality of the products offered and their wide range. Buyers came from the southern part. But often they lamented: "Far from it ... Every time you do not come!".

Following the requests of the reed, the "Kamyshinsky Textile" enterprise opened the doors of a new brand store on Bazarov Street, house No. 113 (a new building opposite the "crooked" house). As before, the emphasis was on two important components: the availability of the store and convenient access to it on vehicles. On the street Bazarov met all the components.

Here, in the fifth microdistrict and the third town, about a third of the population of Kamyshin live. Naturally, it is much more convenient for them to have a store "by the side" than to get to it through the whole city.

By the way, in the new store "on the fifth" you can buy not only the products of "Kamyshinsky Textile" LLC, but also another textile assortment of Russian producers.

Addresses of stores "Kamyshinsky Textile" in Kamyshin: st. Nekrasov, 19, and st. Bazarov, 113.