State Duma deputy Anna Kuvychko congratulated the employees of "Kamyshinsky Textiles" LLC

— June 9, 2018

June 8, in Kamyshin within the regional week visited the State Duma deputy Anna Kuvichko.

This time the nature of the visit was "congratulatory". Stanislav Zinchenko and Anna Kuvichko went to OOO Kamyshinsky Textiles, where this morning the labor collective gathered to celebrate the Day of Textile and Light Industry.

Thanks to letters of gratitude from the State Duma, Alexander Borisenko, the general director of "Kamyshinsky Textile" LLC, Vladimir Demidov, the head of the energy shop, Svetlana Zhelonkina, spinning mill spinner, Olga Degtyareva, the weaver of the textile industry, Tatyana Simankova, the sewing workshop marker, Tatyana Ershova, the inspector of the personnel department.