Vladimir Putin held a meeting in Ryazan on the development of light industry
— August 24, 2017

As part of his working trip to Ryazan, Vladimir Putin held a meeting on measures to develop light industry in the Russian Federation. Among the invited heads of enterprises was the General Director  "Kamyshinsky Textile" LLC Alexander Borisenko. Within the framework of the meeting, in particular, prospects for the development of the industry and ways to combat the production of counterfeit products were discussed.

 "It is important to support the growth of business activity in the domestic light industry, to stimulate the emergence of new successful productions, and, of course, it is necessary to solve systemic issues that hamper the effective development of the industry. Many of them, unfortunately, are chronic, first of all, we are talking about fighting against counterfeiting and smuggling, which undermine competition in the domestic market, but also pose a clear threat to the health of our citizens. It is in the cleansing of the market of dubious products that, in my opinion, is the most important resource for the development of light industry. Let's think together about what needs to be done additionally in this direction, "Vladimir Putin said.

 Another important issue is staff. Despite the maximum automation, a lot is done manually. The President noted that in general in the light industry wages are not attractive enough for young specialists.

 "We need to build up the human potential of light industry, revive the prestige of the profession and attract young specialists to the industry. Today, the main educational institutions in this field are concentrated in Moscow, while the production facilities are located mainly in the regions of the Russian Federation. We need to carefully analyze this situation, future personnel should be trained where there is practice, where it is possible to apply the acquired knowledge, including I propose to consider the possibility of opening specialized departments at the leading enterprises of the industry, "Vladimir Putin said.

 Summarizing the meeting, the President noted that, in general, there has been an increase in light industry. 6% for the first half of the year, according to Vladimir Putin, these are very good indicators.