Results of 2017
— December 29, 2017

Reporting meeting

The assembly hall was full, when the general director of LLC Kamyshinsky Textiles Alexander Borisenko and his deputy Andrey Shein entered it. Trade union leader Yelena Kostryukova announced a meeting devoted to summing up the results of work for 2017, open.

One by one, the chiefs of spinning production Oleg Shatskov, the weaving one - Vladimir Zakharchenko, the packing and inspection department, Elena Lipenko, the sewing company - Tamara Mazina, the heads of the other divisions of the enterprise came out for the report.

Among those present at the traditional pre-holiday event were people of different generations, but more young! This is a good sign. All the officials did not say "on paper" - they do not need it. Everyone knows the details and features of the case by heart. When the report became too technical, Alexander Alexandrovich (in the course of communication colleagues often called the boss "San Sanych") kindly stopped the speaker: "Do not need complexity, it's easier!".

The speech of the general did not stand apart, it smoothly wove into the reports of subordinates. Tsarilo sensed the full interaction of the collective, not only labor, but also spiritual. Handing out the letters for diligent work to the distinguished workers reflected this atmosphere: no officialdom, everything was friendly and warm.

Alexander Borisenko encompassed the vast, affecting a variety of topics, from the modernization of production to the cultivation of cotton in the region and ending with the construction of warehouses in the former sewage treatment plant KhBC, where it will be possible to store raw materials all year round. He stressed: there are customers who will have to ship the goods almost on New Year's Eve. "But it's good that our products are needed!" - the leader smiled broadly. His optimism was passed on to everyone, even to journalists.

Especially it is possible to note performance of the chairman of trade-union committee of Open Company "Kamyshinsky Textile" Elena Kostrjukovoj. Since 2016 she is a member of the Central Committee of the Russian Trade Union of Industrialists. Highest rank! Elena Evgenievna stressed: "Our priority at all times is decent working conditions and worthy of its payment, the social welfare of members of our trade union." Of the 994 employees of the enterprise - 915 are members of the organization. The coverage is 92.1%!

Detailed coverage of the work of the committee, the trade union leader spoke about the activities of the Youth Council, its sports sector. According to the long tradition, the trade union committee takes an active part in the celebrations. At the end of 2017, 50 employees were awarded with diplomas and monetary bonuses, one of them was the diploma of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, three were heads of the city, three were heads of the city district administration; 8 members of the trade union were awarded certificates of honor from the regional council of trade unions. It was said about other important awards, covered the issues of cultural and mass work, caring for the children of employees. Everyone was invited to a celebration at the Palace of Culture. For the first time in 15 years, Tekstilshchik met workers of light industry not only in the auditorium, but also at a buffet table, set at a smart Christmas tree!

Palace for textile workers

They say that happy people, even if they are adults, believe: in the New Year they will be visited by real Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. The workers of Kamyshinsky Textile LLC are happy! On December 29, they came to a palace built for their colleagues in the distant 60s of the 20th century to see this colorful couple and together with her spend the 2017th.

The administration of the enterprise took care that the holiday turned out to be special, reminiscent of the famous old textile "Ogonki" and at the same time a new one.

I must say, the idea, which was strongly supported by the employees of the cultural center "Tekstilshchik", was a success! A dynamic action unfolded on the stage with congratulations from the city's top officials, awards, concert program. The honorable certificates of the head were handed to the best textile workers Vladimir Ponomarev. On the stage one by one the seamstress of the sewing workshop Galina Ungefut, the assistant of the weaving masters Sergei Vdovenko, the senior master of spinning production, Andrei Kanshin, climbed up. A photo was taken for memory, and the program continued.

Awards of the head of administration were best from the best employees of the company from the hands of Stanislav Zinchenko. They did not retreat from the tradition: the archive will preserve one more important photo, where Stanislav Vasilievich and the award-winning electromechanics of the spinning industry Yuri Kokovin, the assistant of the weaving masters Alexander Kalnov, the head of the transport department Vladimir Savin are sealed.

The chairman of the regional council of the trade union of industrial workers, Yuri V. Fateev, noted the high achievements of Kamyshinsky Textile LLC and brought certificates to eight nominees: Albert Arakelyan, Vladimir Shteinle, Yevgeny Tikhonov, Iraida Artemieva, Irina Shevtsova, Vera Wagner, Alexander Ivanov. A transporter and a loader, a master and a process engineer, a masseur and an ancillary, an equipment operator and a department head ... The awards have found their heroes. They applauded the hall.

The Executive Committee of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia for its active work to protect the labor, social and economic rights and interests of the members of the trade union, thanked Elena Kostryukova, the chairman of the primary trade union organization Kamyshinsky Textile LLC.

The Director General of the enterprise, Alexander Borisenko, was awarded the honorary diploma of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the assistant of the weaving masters Grigory Yudin, as well as the certificate of honor of the enterprise to the logistics manager of the retail store (Volgograd), Elena Kuznetsova. Warm words of greetings to the friendly team were made by the Chairman of the Council of Veterans KhBC Era Osipova.

In this place, the loudest fanfares could have sounded: the weaver Gennady Mushkin was named a deserved worker of textile and light industry, and spinner Tamara Tsygalova received a medal of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland", I degree. It's wonderful that the best traditions of the past are alive. And today there are heroes of labor in Kamyshin. Year after year they will be more and more.

The evening ended with a merry round dance at the Christmas tree in the ceremonial and small halls, with a conversation at the richly laid buffet table.

In January, the children of the workers of the enterprise came to the "Tekstilshchik" recreation center for the morning performances. Surely many readers now thought: "It's great that life goes on: the real one, in which there is work and rest, and most importantly - does not leave confidence in the future." This is a huge happiness!

The newspaper "Dialogue" repeatedly wrote about the flagship of the local and now regional industry of "Kamyshinsky Textile" LLC. The enterprise confidently strides into the future, solving the serious problems of modernization and expansion of production. This road is thorny and difficult. But precisely because here "they see into the root", it will necessarily lead to the planned peaks.

Gifts for children

The new year was still approaching, and the trade union committee of OOO Kamyshinsky Textile under the direction of Elena Kostryukova was in full swing forming gifts for children left without parental care.

Kind friends, sympathetic people in the person of the management and employees of the enterprise, who constantly provide sponsorship to the children's shelter, arrived at the SSU "Kamyshinsky Social and Rehabilitation Center" on December 26. They annually give a fairy tale and a particle of their heat to destitute orphans and minors who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Pupils are eagerly waiting for them to visit the holidays held in the institution, receiving a huge charge of positive emotions. Each of the small inhabitants of the Center has already experienced a lot before being in the shelter. The institution is cozy, warm, the children are well treated, but there is little human involvement in the lives of the children.

It is very important for them to communicate with older comrades, this makes it possible not to feel lonely in a huge uneasy world. Poems and New Year's songs were met by guests at the entrance to the Center. Having received a portion of good mood, all moved to the gym, where the holiday of gifts continued, in gratitude for which the children gave the guests happy smiles, proudly showed adults their rooms, New Year's hand-made articles. It is good that the institution has such caring and attentive friends who always remember and help destitute children!

Employees of LLC "Kamyshinsky Textile" regularly provide sponsorship of their own production. With great gratitude accept in the SRC towels, dresses, tunics, t-shirts, turtlenecks, bed linens. These things are so necessary!

In the autumn of 2017, textile workers gave children a winter and autumn footwear for a total of 426,000 rubles. Kamyshinsky Textile LLC provides charitable assistance to veterans of the war, industry, the Kamyshin organization All-Russian Society of Disabled People, the A.P. Maresyev, Kamyshinsky and Petrovsky children's homes. Share the warmth of your soul with the children, create a holiday for them, see in their eyes a spark of good and faith in a fairy tale - it's worth a lot.

Modern dining room

In September 2017, Kamyshinsky Textile LLC opened a new dining room with 150 seats.

The kitchen equipment is above all praise and can compete with the most expensive restaurants: high-end thermal, refrigeration, process equipment, comfortable cutting tables, dishwashers. It is impossible to imagine that until quite recently everything here was different, in the spirit of a bygone Soviet era.

Looking into the fish, meat, salad, vegetable shop, pirozhkovoy, you are amazed how many technical innovations to create a comfortable culinary production brought, down to the machine for rolling the dough. Cleanliness and order reign everywhere.

The friendly cook work is boiling, as a result of which refrigerated showcases are quickly filled with a variety of salads and appetizers, and the counters for heating are second courses. It is felt: despite the short existence of the dining room, the workers are accustomed to high-quality service.

If it were not for the working people in modern work clothes (by the way sewed from the fabric made by the textile workers themselves in the sewing workshop of the native enterprise), you can easily imagine that you looked at the light in a great cafe: comfortable tables and chairs, on the wall - a large plasma TV , built-in climate control. Great!

There is also a self-service for those who want to eat at home dinners: microwave ovens for heating food. At the service of textile workers who came to the dining room, modern washbasins, there are hand dryers. The care of the leadership is everywhere. There is the design of one more hall, so that during the rush hour "stream" the flows of visitors. No doubt, soon it will be open: the general director of the words does not give up.

An excellent health center

In the health center of LLC "Kamyshinsky Textile" is warm, light and cozy. A spacious hall decorated with paintings by local artists, a water cooler, a comfortable sofa, which you can sit down on waiting for. The reception rooms for the patients, procedural, physiotherapeutic, massage and others shine with cleanliness and modern repair, are perfectly equipped.

For 1.5 years now she has been managed by Olga Manohina, a graduate of Kamyshin Medical College. Four paramedics and a nurse of the highest category are working under her supervision. In January the team was joined by a physiotherapist. He makes appointments, conducts physiotherapy.

Special equipment of foreign and Russian production meets modern standards, meets the highest requirements, allows you to conduct a full range of procedures. The main task of the health center is to provide first aid, if necessary, first aid in case of injuries, sudden illnesses.

They come here with already received medical appointments in the city clinic and continue treatment without interruption from production. On average, 15-20 people apply for help, not counting those who are recorded for massage, and drivers who regularly come for pre-trip inspection. Physicians are also involved in the prevention of morbidity. Vaccination against influenza is carried out annually. For these purposes, 200 doses were received and consumed in 2017. Medicines and necessary materials are purchased through an official memo. "We always have enough," says Olga Manokhina. Behind the simple phrase lies a deep meaning: the management of the enterprise is not indifferent to the health of the workers. And it proves it by deed. A license has already been obtained to conduct medical activities, and the employees of Kamyshinsky Textile LLC will be able to pass medical examination directly in the factory as in the good old days.