Kamyshin region ahead on the growth of industry, and in front - "Kamyshin Textile"
— December 19, 2016

102.5% was industrial production index of the Volgograd region in January-November 2016 compared with the corresponding period last year. This is above the average for Russia, which for 11 months is 100.8%. But Kamyshin as was made at a press conference Mayor Vladimir Ponomarev, this index amounted to 103, 6%. Compare what is called, in our favor.

Among the top 10, will provide a regional growth businesses with except Uryupinsk (LLC "Uryupinsky jersey"), residence in Volgograd and the Volga, Industry Committee and the trade of the Volgograd region calls of "Kamyshin Textile", our company is among the giants as the Civil Code of JSC "Gazprom khimvolokno" WF "LLC" Omsktehuglerod ", OOO" LUKOIL - Volgograd ", JSC" Voltyre-Prom ", PJSC" Volzhsky Orgsynthese ", LLC" Volgograd ceramic factory ", OOO GK" Volgabas "FPAO" RusHydro "-" Volzhskaya HPP ".