"Kamyshin Textile" receive federal funds for modernization

— August 17, 2016

For half a billion rubles allocated for the modernization of the federal center of the Russian enterprises of light industry. Our "Kamyshinsky textiles" including at the expense of these funds, is planning to upgrade the weaving machinery and can draw on this support funds.

Total investment in Kamyshin owner of the enterprise will make five billion rubles. The project has already invested about two billion rubles, it is among the priorities for the Southern Federal District and enjoys public support. In the first half, "Kamyshinsky textiles" received 36 million rubles from the federal budget for the reimbursement of the cost of interest on loans; the total amount of state aid from the beginning of the project amounted to 90 million rubles.

This year, our textile air conditioning system was installed in the shops spinning, continue construction works on site preparation for the new sizing and weaving equipment. The company also acquired the trucks to deliver products to customers.