"Kamyshin Textile" increased production of cotton fabrics

— July 20, 2016

104.4% was industrial production index in the Volgograd region on the basis of the 2016 first half-year. This figure is still higher than the average for the Russian Federation (100.4%). In the manufacturing sector in the region index was 105% (in Russia - 99.1%).

According to the Committee of Industry and Trade of the Volgograd region, growth was achieved due to the positive dynamics in the chemical industry (plus 8.7%), manufacture of coke and petroleum products (9.1%), rubber and plastic products (by 9.3%), electronic and optical equipment (13.7%), machinery and equipment (14.5%), textile and clothing industry (19.3%), manufacture of transport equipment (40.7%).

In particular, the company "Kamyshinsky textiles" increased production of cotton fabrics by 24.6%. The company continues to modernize the factory. In the first half-conditioning system installed in the workshops of spinning production, construction works on site preparation are underway for spinning and sizing machines. The company acquired the trucks to deliver products to customers.

Add, according to Rosstat, the Volgograd region on the basis of 2015 is the leader among the Russian Federation for the production of a number of industrial products.